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INDUSTRIAL Computers – more powerful from now on!


INDUSTRIAL are powerful industrial PCs with noiseless passive cooling, manufactured by ISEL JSC, Minsk (Made in Belarus).

In mid-September 2015 a new model INDUSTRIAL 7288hhhh will be launched. Compared to the models of the first generation, new product supports twice as much of high-speed RAM (now up to 16GB DDRIII 1600MHz, dual-channel mode) and is equipped with a new processor IntelCore i7, 3rd generation (IntelCore i7 3540M). The operating frequency of the processor is increased by 36% (now 3.0-3.7GHz), while the number of cores has been reduced from 4 to 2. The new processor shows significant performance gains in applications that are adjusted for single-thread (for example, the majority of ACS and MCS software, gateway protocols, etc.).

4-core processor Intel Core i7 3632QM will also be available to order and is ideal for applications optimized for multithreaded performance (for example, machine vision systems, video encoding, intelligent video surveillance).

ENERGOPROMIS Ltd. is an official dealer of INDUSTRIAL computers at the territory of the Republic of Belarus. Computers test-drive, presentation, technical and marketing materials are available by request Here.

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