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EV Charges: Made in Belarus!


Electric Vehicle Charging is a new and very promising direction not only for ENERGOPROMIS Ltd., but for Belarusian electrical market in general. Universal EV Charging Station Terra 53 CJG manufactured by ABB was brought specially for the exhibition from the Netherlands. It allows charging any electric car in just 20 minutes! Flexible construction enables charging with DC (CCS and CHAdeMO standards) and AC. These charging stations are intended for installation at dealer showrooms, petrol stations (gas stations) and in the busiest city areas.

But there was a real stir around another exhibit located next to the electric vehicle Nissan e-NV200. It was the first charger for electric vehicles designed and manufactured in the Republic of Belarus, and there was ENERGOPROMIS logo on it!

Reporters of the independent information portal were the first mass media representatives to notice EV charge ‘Made in Belarus’. Article “First Belarusian EV Charge was presented in Minsk» appeared in section “Auto”, category “World’s Events” and aroused keen interest among the readers. “Know-how of the Belarusian engineers” also attracted attention of the reporters of STV, TNT and Minsk TV channels.

Compact EV charge manufactured by ENERGOPROMIS Ltd. is developed for AC charging and support different standards: Type 1 (Nissan, Peugeot, Toyota) and Type 2 (Audi, BMW, Mercedes). Three-phase 380V socket may be installed optionally to charge Tesla. Today it is just a specimen which has won the audience of ENERGY EXPO 2015, but who knows, maybe tomorrow such devices will appear in our houses, garages and city parking lots…

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