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ENERGOPROMIS Ltd. – ABB Authorized Value Provider in Belarus!


On the 12th of February, 2015 in a cozy hall of Renaissance Minsk Hotel there was held a conference on the topic: “ABB Relay protection and automation in Belarus. Steps of cooperation”. It was attended by managers and leading specialists of ENERGOPROMIS Ltd., representatives of ABB Sweden and invited guests from among the key customers.

The same day the official Partnership Agreement was signed at the highest level and ENERGOPROMIS Ltd. was granted the status of the ABB Authorized Value Provider in terms of sales, support and engineering of integrated products, including Relion protection and control and MicroSCADA automation systems.

Certificates (see Partner Certificates) were presented in a friendly and at the same time solemn atmosphere. We believe it to be the beginning of a new development stage in our relations, leading to increase in sales, decrease of delivery times and improvements in the guarantee and after-sales service of ABB products!

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