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Compact EV Charges for cottages and parking lots


Leading specialists of ENERGOPROMIS Ltd. has designed and manufactured the first prototype of AC battery charge. Universal device allows you to charge electric vehicles of different charging standards: Type 1 (Nissan, Peugeot, Toyota) and Type 2 (Audi, BMW, Mercedes). Three-phase 380V socket is installed optionally and allows to charge Tesla.

This device was developed for home or office use. Charging process, lock and alarm are driven by the intelligent controller. Ful battery charge requires about 6 hours (e.g., at night); to continue driving partial charging is also available. Compact device weighs just 4 kg, has robust housing, in-built protection against short circuits and current leakage. It is ideal for installation in private cottages and garages, as well as at city parking lots of hotels and shopping centers.


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